Our History

Founded in 1992, Lexington Lawn & Landscape, LLC’s original focus was on lawn maintenance and landscape installation. As the company grew, we devoted our time and energy into expanding our services. This allowed Lexington Lawn & Landscape to become one of the leading full-service maintenance and landscape companies in Central Kentucky without losing sight of the “attention to detail” philosophy that the company was built on.

Our Philosopy

Lexington Lawn & Landscape continually attracts and retains team members who are passionate about our “attention to detail.” To our clients, this means you will see the same familiar faces on your property year after year. You will know our team and they will know your maintenance and landscape needs. Caring for your property is not just for today, but with an eye for future needs as the property matures. This simply ensures that your property is not just maintained, but enhanced. Our Mission is “exceed every expectation by enhancing property value through quality service and client relations.” Our clients have rewarded our commitment to quality and service with their loyalty and many referrals throughout the years.

Meet our Management Team

Our Management Team is made up of seasoned professionals who all share the same “attention to detail” philosophy that Lexington Lawn & Landscape was built on. This group of dedicated leaders has contributed to Lexington Lawn & Landscape’s success by offering years of expertise in operation, horticulture, and solid business procedures.

Please feel free to contact any of our Management Team members at our office, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at (859) 253-3537 or e-mail one of them at info@lexlawnky.com.


Jon Harberson

President Owner

EMAIL: info@lexlawnky.com

PHONE: (859) 253-3537


Andrew Cropper

Account Manager

Email: info@lexlawnky.com

PHONE: (859) 253-3537


Sandy Denno

Office Manager

EMAIL: info@lexlawnky.com

PHONE: (859) 253-3537


Jeremy Whetstine

Operations Manager

Email: info@lexlawnky.com

PHONE: (859) 253-3537



Door Greeter