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BURRRR … Fall is in the air! And after a stressful summer of extreme hot, we are still seeing beautiful rainbows of colors in red, yellow and orange. I heard on the radio this morning that color will peak this coming weekend (October 20). We started winterizing irrigation systems this week. If you have not had your system winterized by the time of a hard freeze, wrap a heavy blanket around the backflow then wrap a plastic bag around the blanket. This will protect the system until we get to you.

Are you thinking about winterizing your swimming pool? If not and the weather changes to cold, you may want to cover exposed pipes and equipment. Be cautious when covering a heater due to the risk of fire. If you have any questions, give us a call.

The window for planting fall flowers is getting shorter and shorter. Pansies are popular for fall color and are hardy plants for this area. There are a variety of colors that will give your landscape, patio, and/or deck the color you want throughout the season.

As we keep hearing, the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) is still a continued problem in the Lexington area and in Central Kentucky. Once leaves start to drop, EAB treatments will end until spring 2013. If you think you have Ash trees, call Lexington Lawn & Landscape to schedule a treatment in the spring. Treatments are good for two years.

We have been asked several times when will mowing stop for the season. This is hard to answer as long as we have warm days full of sunshine and days with rain. Usually after a hard freeze the grass will go dormant and lawn mowers will be put away.

Fall Reminders:


  • Winterize Irrigation
  • Winterize Pools
  • Final Fall Trimming
  • Leaf Clean-up beginsWe are ready and committed, not only to meet your needs but to exceed your expectations by enhancing property value through quality service and client relations. Since 1992, we have grown and continually hired the best people available to ensure that we provide our customers with the absolute best service at a fair price.For all your landscape and property maintenance needs, call a Lexington Lawn & Landscape representative at 859-253-3537.


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